Beady Little Eye

The Beady Little Eye is something different entirely.

What's engineering without a little bit of eccentricity?

The Beady Little Eye was built for Bristol's tight, twisty, technical and often very muddy trails. A bike that was a thoroughbred hop-on-and-go that would survive the worse of British winters over and over and over and come back begging for more. 

I took the concept of the Swoop and adapted the suspension to pivot around the bottom bracket. I reduced the travel right down to 90mm and made it a bit smaller and a bit more playful.

Building a beautifully simple bike like the Beady is a complex thing. Single speed relies on eliminating chain growth - something that many bikes overcomplicate with concentric bottom brackets and large, heavy, hard-to-maintain bearings. I thought laterally, striving to remove complexity, and came up with a very simple and very effective solution.

The result is an insanely fun, simple and utterly indestructible pushbike that was born for tearing up your local woods.

The fine details

  • Hand built in steel in Bristol, UK.
  • Single speed with horizontal dropouts.
  • 27.5" Wheels.
  • 2.35" tyre clearance.
  • Reynolds 853/631 and Columbus Life and Zone tubing.
  • Custom head tube angle, down tube. length/reach and seat tube length.
  • Custom shock options from Fox, Rockshox and DVO.
  • Available as frame only or complete build.
  • Frames from £2040.



custom build your dream bike

Every Starling is one-of-a-kind, unique and custom - built to be the dream bike for its rider. If you want a cookie-cutter template bike, look elsewhere, my bikes are built for those who want something special.

I hand build every frame in my workshop in Bristol and I offer custom head tube angle, down tube length/reach and seat tube length. I can work to your supplied angles or work with you based on my experience to match you and your riding style. No expert bike design knowledge is required on your part.

I also offer custom builds. I can provide you with a frame, a frame + shock, a rolling chassis or a complete bike.

Simply contact me for a quote and I'll work personally with you to create your dream bike. 

How to order

  • Contact me via my order form, supplying the required information.
  • I'll provide you with a quote and take 20% deposit if you'd like to proceed.
  • I'll work with you to choose the custom options for your frame - head angle, down tube, seat tube and colours.
  • When complete, I'll take final payment and dispatch your frame, or bike, by recorded delivery. 

Prototype only rusty finish!