MBUK Starling Murmur 1st ride

"You could think of the Murmur 29'er as an underdog, but the ride makes it a giant killer".

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.03.45.png

Mountain Biking UK magazine recently borrowed a 29" Murmur for a razz around the woods and a feature in the magazine.

I felt confident they'd like the bike but, as always, it's pretty nerve wracking handing a bike over for review. 

I needn't have worried though - the bike went down well and the guys seemed to love it. They gave a really lovely description of the sensation of riding the Murmur, saying that: 



"The steel frame feels genuinely compliant and supple, but in a springy rather than soft way ... It’s surprisingly eager under power for a skinny-tubed bike. In the rough, that springiness doesn’t feel uncontrolled like an over-inflated tyre, it’s more like a softly tensioned wheel".

I was also really happy to hear their feedback on the suspension. As you know, I'm all about the single pivot and I really believe that simple to ride, simple to understand suspension makes for a better rider. I was happy to hear them say that:

"The single-pivot suspension is sorted too. That pivot is perfectly placed, in line with the chain – not so low as to make pedalling lazy, not so high that kickback becomes an issue ... In the shoebox-sized rocks of BikePark Wales, the rear end barely put a foot wrong".

Thanks MBUK, that's another great review for the Murmur!

You can read the full review in Issue 344 of MBUK

Or you can read the PDF version here (opens in new window).