Dan takes the win at Welsh Gravity Enduro Series

Starling Cycles team rider Dan Pardesi just took the Masters win at last weekend's Welsh Gravity Enduro. 

Dan is one of 3 riders that will be flying the flag for Starling Cycles in 2017 and is riding on his brand new Murmur 29". Dan built the bike up in Feb this year, raced Afan and then Cwm Carn last weekend as his second race on the team.

Despite the weather being hellish, Dan plugged on through the mud, wind and rain and managed to take the top spot - with only a minute separating him and the overall elite winner Leon Rosser. Dan was actually 8th overall in the race if you look at all of the rider's times side by side - great work lad!

Flat out Phil Camsell was also on track - flying the flag for the Starling team alongside Dan. Unlike old man Dan (masters cat), Phil is competing in the young(er) guns Seniors Category! Phil scored 22nd on the day and 9th in his super competitive field. He was also (as far as we can tell) the fastest Phil at the race, beating all others with the same name. 

Dan rides a Murmur 29" and Phil rides a 27.5" Swoop.