Starling Cycles and Brighter Futures Zambia

This summer I reached max capacity in the Workshop. Thanks to some great reviews in the media and loads of word of mouth recommendations I was hit with a wave of orders and had to (reluctantly) press pause on booking any more frame builds in.

I had a good idea though. I wanted to open my books again and build more frames ... but I didn't want to get out of control. I'm a one-man-band and I have to be careful not to disappoint anyone.

I decided to hold a raffle - people could buy a teeshirt and I'd pick a number of 'winners' that would then get a place on the build list. The winners would get to order a frame straight away, everyone else would get a teeshirt and go on the waiting list for a bit further down the line. We've now picked the winners, frames are in full swing and tee shirts have been sent - great news all round!

The raffle wasn't a money maker for Starling though - I used it to support a great cause called Brighter Futures Zambia. BFZambia is a charity dedicated to helping young people access education where they might otherwise not. We donated all of the profits of the raffle and were able to raise £360. 

Our donation was able to help a young Zambian named Maximillian to complete his education. For years he has had to work hard to earn extra money to help his family find the money to keep him in school, even so, there has often not been enough and Maximillian has had a very disrupted education and so far only reached grade 10. He remains determined to complete his schooling and make a better life for him and his family. Now Starling have fundraised enough to pay Maximillian's fees, equipment, uniform and books for his final two years of school.

Brighter Futures Zambia emailed to say "a massive thank you to Starling and all those of you who contributed for allowing Maximillian to continue to reach his goal of graduating from school."

You can learn more about BFZambia on their website here.