We're looking for a new team rider

We’re looking for a UK rider to join Starling Cycles.

We need for someone to help us spread the word about our handmade, steel, British bikes and to help us test and develop what we’ve got planned for the future. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you!

We’ll be totally honest, we’re not sure exactly who we’re looking for.

We know that want someone that’s handy on a bike, handy on social media and has a decent following. We want someone that gets about a lot on the UK mountain bike scene, is pretty self sufficient and loves beautiful, steel, hand made mountain bikes.

We’d also really like someone that can look good on our bikes in front of the camera and can help test our bikes and give us feedback. Ideally, someone that can ride harder than your average would be good.

You don't need to be the Coastal Crew but you’ll be a dab hand at Instagram and Facebook. You’ll know how to shoot and edit your own photos and videos and you’ll be able to do more than the old ‘bike leaning on a gate’ insta post. If your best mate is a videographer or photographer, it certainly won’t be a bad thing. 

We’re not looking for a World Champion … though attendance at a heap of UK enduro events wouldn’t be a bad thing. If you’re busily racing most weekends at the moment and know loads of people on the race scene, you’ll probably be a good fit. We can’t afford a factory set up, mechanics or pits just yet so someone that’s pretty self sufficient would help.

Worth saying that we don’t necessarily need steel bike geeks, frame builders or engineers (we’ve got enough of them already!). An understanding of why our bikes are special and why they work how they do would be good though.

Most of all you’ll be mad about riding bikes and you'll be happy chatting to people, to potential customers and you’ll be happy representing Starling when you’re out riding and racing. We’ve got a grumpy engineer already - we need you to be a friendly, outgoing, chatty type!

What can we offer ..?

What we’re able to offer in return depends on who you are.

For the right rider, we’re looking to provide a Starling Cycles complete bike for you to ride and to race in 2018. If it goes well, the bike is yours to keep at the end of the year. It’ll be up to you to keep it maintained and running in tip-top condition - but we can help with trade prices on kit.

We’d like this to be a long term thing rather than a quick romance - so ideally you’ll stick with us for a few years to come if it goes well in the first year. 

International riders … don’t despair. We’ll be reaching out to you guys in the future. But for now, we need someone at home in the UK.

If you think you know what we need and you’d like to be considered … why not get in touch?

How do you apply?

First up, read this over on Wideopen (opens in a new window).

Then ... 

  • Email Joe@starlingcycles.com and use the email title 'Starling 2018 rider'
  • Tell us a bit about you - who you are, what you're all about, what makes you tick
  • Let us know what you can do to help Starling Cycles
  • Let us know what your plans are for 2018, where you'll be racing etc
  • Give us something to look at - photos, videos and your social media links are good
  • Feel free to send a rider CV if you have one, but don't sweat it if you don't - an email is fine

Thanks, good luck!