Starling Frame Colours and Matching Parts

Joe talks through his best advice for paint and component colour options for Starling Cycles bikes.

Over anything, frame colour is the one decision that seems to be the hardest for my customers. Starling frames are available in a range of colours, and lots of component companies have strong brand colours. Different decal colours, and various anodised coloured parts. It’s understandable why it’s so tricky.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the workshop discussing people’s colour choices. If you follow a few simple rules, I can guarantee a great looking bike.

Pick a strong frame colour, then fit with only black and silver parts. Sorted, your bike looks good.

Dark colours look classy, bright colours lively.

If you want a highlight colour, make it just that, a ‘highlight’. Pick just a few components for highlight; maybe Öhlins fork and shock, or an anodised Hope headset and seat clamp. Gold as a highlight works pretty well in all cases.

A dark or neutral frames, black or grey, works very well with highlights. A bright colour, needs much more consideration when adding highlights.

Don’t try to colour match parts from different suppliers or of different material types. For example:

  • A red Hope headset, will not match red Funn bars.
  • Green custom wheel decals will not match green DVO shock.
  • Even anodizing from the same company is very tricky to match, Fox Kashima is a prime example of this.

If you want colours that clash, that’s fine, but go for it with all your heart. Orange frame, purple headset, green chainrings, blue hubs, multi coloured spokes.

Or just do whatever the hell you want and prove me wrong.

Take a look through all our colour options here.

Joe Mcewan

Ex-aerospace engineer Joe Mcewan is the founder and chief engineer of Starling Cycles. Passionate, outspoken and fond of a cuppa and a debate, Joe loves to challenge the established thinking of the industry.