Plus3MTB coaching & setup now available

+3 bike setup and coaching is available with all Starling bikes from now on.

We’ve known Dave, the guy behind +3 for a good few years now and the way the +3 team approaches bike setup fits exactly what we feel Starling customers need.

We’ve always built bikes to be simple, a single pivot system that offers riders feel, grip and above all, maximum fun!

There are however a lot of components bolted to a Starling frame that make our bikes flow and handle exactly how customers expect. We can take care of the tubing, geometry and leverage ratios but get the fork or shock setup wrong, handlebars too high or tyres pressures off and we know you won’t be getting the very best from your bike.

You guessed it, that’s where +3 come in!

You can book a day with them when you place your order and these guys are pro, the team has tuned riders and their suspension from the sharp end of mountain biking.

The team applies that knowledge to all types of rider in a way that matches the rider’s ability. We attended on a day with +3 to find out how the process works and along with a group of Starling owners found it a huge help to both our bike setup and riding technique as well as some great input on strength and fitness.

“It feels like a much better bike than has done in all the time I’ve owned it”

Rupert, Swoop owner

The +3 Team

Dave Jaquin

Dave is the brains behind +3, he’s been part of the bike industry for over 10 years and riding anything on two wheels for more than 30, he knows his onions!

Bringing together the +3 team was a logical step after repeatedly witnessing riders either struggling with their bike setup or changing settings without really understanding how those variable interact with a rider’s ability, riding style and technique.

+3 cater for all kinds of rider and will give a seasoned racer or weekend warrior some new ideas, skills and understanding so they get the most from their riding.

Will Soffe

Suspension Tech and Coach Will Soffe has been tweaking the bikes and suspension of not only the Atherton Racing Team but hundreds of forks and shocks that came through the doors of Mojo Suspension.

Will’s background is broad, as a member of the team he combines his detailed technical knowledge with teaching ability to translate the complexities of bike setup and suspension to our riders.

Combined that with his experience as a coach, his racing pedigree and formidable moustache and you’ve got a great asset to the team.

Alan Milway

Alan Milway, coach to the fastest riders in the world, pretty handy on a bike and in the gym! We’ve all seen Danny Hart’s incredible win at World Champs in 2011 (if you haven’t the CLICK HERE).

+3’s Strength and Fitness Coach Alan worked with Danny at that race and for years prior, since that legendary run he’s worked with World Champion riders like Rachel Atherton and Manon Carpenter.

Currently Alan’s working with junior and elite racers preparing them for the coming seasons in both MTB and Motocross.

A day with +3

During your day with +3 you’ll receive bespoke input from the whole +3 team, leaving with your bike dialled and some new skills to test on the trails.

  • A full bike check up, bike set up and detailed suspension setup with Will Soffe
  • Expert ride coaching with Will and Alan Milway
  • Personalised strength and fitness feedback from Alan
  • Access to some fantastic trails in the Forest of Dean
  • Free gifts frm +3 and our sponsors
  • Discount codes from our sponsors to use online
  • Detailed feedback in your Dial Pack covering bike setup, fitness and riding technique
  • Setup crib sheet for the workshop wall
  • A hearty lunch along with tea, coffee and cake from Pedal-a-Bike-Away café.

Where do I sign up?

+3 mountain bike coaching and setup is now available with all Starling bikes – to both new and existing customers.

All of our bikes now have an option to add +3 sessions when you order.

We’ll let +3 know that you’ve signed up and they’ll be in touch to book you in and arrange payment.

Existing customer? Just get in touch here via our contact page and we’ll put you in touch with +3.

You can learn more about +3 at

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