Starling Cycles are beautifully simple, steel mountain bikes that are built by hand in the UK.

Simply Performs

Starling makes bikes that defy fashion and lead with function.

We use sensible standards and straight-forward specs. Updates are made because they’re best for your riding.

We want you to spend more times with your hands on your bars, not in your toolbox.

Made by people, not robots

Our bikes are made by hand, by real flesh-and-blood humans.

They’re developed from the ground up, using our experience from the hundreds of Starling owners that have come before you.

We’ll work with you personally to create and set up a bike that perfectly suits your riding, your trails and your style.

A Ride Like No Other

Developed on the UK’s gnarliest tracks, Starling’s signature ride-feel is a unique blend of resilience and compliance.

Our bikes are made to perform simply and to simply perform.

Simple to ride fast and simple to enjoy.

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