Starling Cycles Technical Journal

The complexity of simplicity

This Technical Journal is our manifesto.

It is a series of technical articles, written to explain the how and the why behind what we do. 

It’s a complex process to make uncomplex things that perform well. This series aims to explore that process.

Workshop chatter

Technical journal

Introducing Puffin pedallers mountain bikes

Previously known as Starling Cycles, Puffin Pedallers was born out of a commitment to the hard yards of mountain biking. No assistance, no engines, no driver-assist style technology. Just a rider, a bike and the mountain.

When you’re puffin’ on a Puffin no one will be in any doubt that you’re working hard and earning those descents.

Our new website is coming soon. In the meantime, please continue to use the existing Starling Cycles website.