All Starling Cycles frames come with a two year guarantee covering manufacturing defects. We’ll rectify any manufacturing defects at our costs and cover all costs including materials, labour and repainting. We’ll cover postage for any returns for customers within the UK. Overseas customers will need to arrange delivery and postage at their own cost.

Crash replacement

All Starling Cycles frames come with a two year crash damage replacement warranty. If you crash your frame and damage it, we’ll fix it and cover the cost of labour and consumables. You’ll need to cover postage, cost of materials and re-painting.

After the two year replacement period we’ll consider frames on a case by case basis and do our best to get you back on the trails as quick as possible for as little cash as possible.

Our warranty and crash replacement policies only cover Starling Cycles frames. Any warranty issues on components that are supplied with our frames will be implemented by Starling Cycles as per the 3rd party suppliers warranty policy.

Warranties only apply to a frame’s original owner.

For all warranty, service and crash replacement help, please use our contact page.