Workshop Chatter: How To (Properly) Set Up Your Mountain Bike

This one’s a big one. We’re talking about how you should set up your bike, including wheels, tyres, suspension and more.

Are you considering how you should set up your mountain bike?

STOP right there a minute and let’s have a chat.

SO many people come to us looking to buy a bike built around their one week a year in the Alps. Or those few days a year in the bike park.

They put big travel FIRST and build a big, hardcore, downhill-focussed, gravity machine but NOT the lively, spritely, easy-to-ride, fun bike that better suits the trails they’re riding 75% of the time.

In this episode, we’re talking all about how travel isn’t the most important factor in speccing your mountain bike.

We’re also talking about how you should set up your suspension to better suit your riding and how wheels, tyres and inserts play a part in this.

Grab a cuppa and strap in – this one’s a bit of a brain melter!

Joe Mcewan

Ex-aerospace engineer Joe Mcewan is the founder and chief engineer of Starling Cycles. Passionate, outspoken and fond of a cuppa and a debate, Joe loves to challenge the established thinking of the industry.