So You Ordered a Bike In Our Sale… What Happens Now?

As you guys know, we’ve just pressed ‘stop’ on our big sale.

Loads of you took advantage of the offer and got 10% off a frame and a free upgrade to custom paint.

We called an end to the sale for a couple of reasons. First of all, the sale existed because our tubing suppliers and powder coaters were closed. We had no clear timescales on when we could fulfil orders. Both of those suppliers are now gearing up for business and will, all being well, reopen in the near future. Great news.

We’re also really keen not to disappoint anyone. We could easily just keep chasing orders till the cows come home. But, we’d be left with an impossible-to-meet order list and with customers wondering where their bikes are. We don’t want that.

So with suppliers reopening and a decent, but manageable number of you signed up for new frames we’ve hit ‘stop’. Now, we’re working hard to fulfil those orders and get you bikes as soon as we can.

If you’ve ordered a frame in the sale and we still had tubing stock (orders received during April), your frame will be heading to the powder coaters any minute. These frames will likely be shipped in 3-4 weeks of writing this (26th May). These will be processed first-come-first-served and in the order they were received. We’ll keep you up to date as we go.

If you ordered after the point we ran out of tubes (orders received during May), your frame is being manufactured now. We’ve got stock of tubes and we’re cracking on. Your frame will be delivered in 6-10 weeks time and, again, in the order they were received. You’ll get updates as we go.

For all future orders, we’re working to 10-12 weeks turn around.

This somewhat unglamorous photo is our first batch of frames ready to go to the powder coaters. Yus!

So, for now, that’s where we’re up to. Thanks to you guys we’re flat out in the workshop and have a healthy order-list to fulfil. Thanks for your orders and thanks for your patience whilst we make them happen.

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