Custom frames

Your dream bike starts here

we're here to create the perfect bike for you and your trails.

We offer all of our frames in several stock sizes but, our roots are in custom builds. 

We can customise the geometry, sizing and travel on any of our Core frames to match the demands of our customers and their trails.  

If you’ve never quite found that perfect bike or you’re a connoisseur with your dream bike in mind, this is where you stop looking.

Before you being, why not read our guide to choosing the right size mountain bike?

Step 1 — custom shock mount

for increased shock options and custom travel

The first stage of customisation that we offer is a custom shock mount. 

This allows you to modify and adjust the travel of our core bikes and gives you more rear shock options. 

Our core bikes come with shock mounts for 210mm or 230mm shock lengths as standard.

A custom mount allows you to run a different shock, a 200 x 57mm for example, or perhaps your old favourite 8″ Imperial shock. 

  • Murmur and Twists can be customised to run between 100mm and 145mm rear travel. 
  • Swoops can be customised to run between 100mm and 165mm rear travel.

Custom Travel Options

Option 1 — Fixed shock mount

When you know what you like

We’re able to offer a custom, fixed shock mount with the position set for a specific length of shock. 

This allows you to run a specific shock in a non-standard length and to customise the travel of your bike. 

This is best if you prefer the look of a fixed mount and won’t need to change your shock length in future.

A shock’s stroke determines travel. The points below show travel for standard size shocks and an example of a custom-sized shock:

  • 210x55mm gives 140mm travel.
  • 230x65mm gives 160mm travel.
  • 200x57mm gives 140x(57/55) 145mm travel.


Option 2 — Adjustable shock mount

For increased versatility

We’re able to offer an adjustable shock mount, allowing you the ability to run non-standard shock sizes and swap quickly and easily.

This gives at most +/-10mm (with 2mm resolution) of adjustment in total from the nominal position. This allows different shock lengths to be run on the same bike. You could change from 200mm to 210mm but not 210mm to 230mm.

This is best if you like fettling and may want to change shock length, travel or geo in future. 

Frames with adjustable shock mounts use 30x8mm hardware.

Ready to go custom shock mount?

Custom shock mounts can added as an optional upgrade on any Swoop, Twist or Murmur frame and to any Full Custom frame.

To upgrade, please contact us via email before your order and we’ll discuss your requirements. 

Step 2 — custom seat tube length

for a little added customisation

The middle ground between stock and full-custom, we’re able to take our ‘core’ bike geometry and adjust the seat tube length to fine-tune the sizing.

Want the reach of a large frame but the seat tube length of the medium? No worries, you got it. We can go custom on any of our core bikes  and help you to create your perfect setup.

A couple of things to note:

  • Our core bike sizes are correct for 95% of people. You shouldn’t just increase your reach to be fashionable, our bikes are cool enough already!
  • Custom seat tube lengths may impact lead times.
  • Seat tubes less than 400mm cannot fit a bottle.
  • A 440mm seat tube is required for an aft bottle position.
  • Between 400mm and 440mm requires a forward position and side loading cage.

Ready to go custom seat tube length?

A custom seat tube length can be added to any of our Core bikes. 

We’d always advise sticking to our Core bike range unless you really know what you’re doing, but, if you’re sure about going custom we’d love to hear from you.

Simply get in touch via email to discuss your requirements. 

Step 3 — Full Custom

for an absolute one-of-a-kind

Full custom is for those of you looking for your dream setup, tailored made to your exact specifications.

Chances are you’ll have ridden a few bikes, scratched your head about that ‘perfect ride’ and never quite found The One.

We’ll work with you to create the bike of your dreams with completely bespoke geometry, travel, paint and graphics. You’ll create a bike like no other that’s designed to perfectly match you, your style and your trails. 

Our UK-made, custom frames allow you to choose reach, seat tube length, head tube length, head angle and fork length. We can also customise travel to create short, mid or long travel setups. 

We can also provide bespoke, custom and handbuilt wheels from RyanBuildsWheels.

We’ve created custom frames for geometry geeks and first-timers alike, both are welcome.

Please note, we can’t customise chain stay length, BB drop or seat angle and we can only adapt our own designs.

Ready to go full custom?

Custom enquiries should be made by email. 

We’ll respond to discuss your requirements and provide timescales.

Introducing Puffin pedallers mountain bikes

Previously known as Starling Cycles, Puffin Pedallers was born out of a commitment to the hard yards of mountain biking. No assistance, no engines, no driver-assist style technology. Just a rider, a bike and the mountain.

When you’re puffin’ on a Puffin no one will be in any doubt that you’re working hard and earning those descents.

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