We Are (Not) Now Puffin Pedallers

UPDATE: Congrats to all of you that spotted our April Fool’s prank, and sorry to anyone we duped by sneaking it out a day early. Just to confirm, we’re not bending to the whim of a corporate mega corp and we’re not rebranding to take on the identity of a pelagic seabird. Nor do we hate eBikes – we love ’em in fact.

Thanks for being good sports – you can see the full April Fools below!


UK-made, single pivot, the feel of steel, born in Bristol.

Introducing Puffin Pedallers Mountain Bikes.

Previously known as Starling Cycles, Puffin Pedallers was born out of a commitment to the hard yards of mountain biking (and an expensive, cease-and-desist legal challenge from a large, multinational corporation).

Puffin Pedallers. The joy of the struggle, the commitment to huffin’ and puffin’ up an epic climb to reach the summit and earn your descents.

No assistance, no engines, no driver-assist style technology. Just a rider, a bike and the mountain.

There’s no mistaking the skinny steel tubes of a Puffin, the single-pivot silhouette and the graceful lines. Puffin riders proudly and unashamedly earn their altitude, and their bikes stand out on the mountain as a badge of honour.

When you’re puffin’ on a Puffin no one will be in any doubt that you’re working hard and earning those descents.

And – of course – the Puffin is the perfect figurehead for our brand. Tough, fast, resilient to brutal conditions, graceful and just a little bit flamboyant.

What better creature to lift our brand into the next chapter?

Trail and Enduro Modes On All Frames

All Puffin Pedallers models are available in ‘Enduro’ and ‘Trail’ modes using an adjustable shock mount.

Customers need simply choose their mode when they order, and should they decide to change they’ll need to switch suspension but won’t need a completely new frame.

Our frames offer the following rear travel options.

Puffin Circus (29″) – 135mm or 150mm
Puffin Improbability (Mixed Wheel) – 135mm or 165mm
Puffin Gathering (27.5″)- 130mm or 160mm

All Puffin frames are built using our award-winning, single pivot and steel design. No pivots, no batteries, no motors. Just raw rallying, unassisted and human-powered fun.

The new model names are inspired by, you guessed it, the names given to collections of Puffins.

And The Future

The official launch of Puffin Pedallers will see our website updated, a new merch line and all production bikes now shipped with our new name and branding.

We’ll work with media titles worldwide to remove any references to the ‘old’ brand and comprehensively replace them with our new name, redirecting all digital traffic to our new home.

We’ll also issue a product recall on all out-of-date, old-generation graphics, replacing them with updated Puffin graphics free of charge (admin, import, local taxes and shipping costs apply).

We’ve also promised, scout’s honour, that we won’t ever, ever say the name of our old company in public ever again, either in person or online. And we’ve been asked to politely request that our customers and members of the press, dealers or distributors respect this request and make the same commitment.

We’re working hard on launching the new Puffin website this week, and you should start to see content appear online from Friday 31st UK time.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Starling Cycles’ Instagram for updates.

Stay Puffin’!

Joe McEwan, Puffin CEO.